President Abbas (L) yesterday (on the right is Saeb Erekat, who nominally resigned earlier this year).(Abbas Momani/AFP/Getty Images)

• Palestinian Authority President Abbas insisted negotiations would continue with Israel despite his Fatah party’s reconciliation with Hamas, which refuses to talk to or recognize Israel. [AP/WP]

• Egypt’s new international course sees itself as closer to Hamas and Iran, Israel’s top enemies. [NYT]

• Syria is again likely to be targeted for U.N. Security Council action, but this time for its alleged nuclear violation, with the formal declaration that the site Israel bombed in 2007 was indeed a reactor. [AP/WP]

• Of course, the bigger crime will be the even more protesters the regime inevitably shoots today during another “Day of Rage.” [AP/WP]

• Like Israel, Syria’s other neighbors are all seemingly more fearful of what could follow President Assad than of Assad’s continued presence. [WSJ]

• The Chicago Bears took lineman Gabe Carimi with the 29th overall pick, which is about where he was expected to go. [Chicago Sun-Times]