A Shalit protest tent in Jerusalem.(Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images)

Though this is probably not at the top of the list of “issues Fatah-Hamas reconciliation complicates,” the fact is that, once Hamas and Fatah form a joint government, should Israel continue to cooperate with it (as it basically must), then it will be cooperating with the people holding Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit hostage. (To make matters even more confusing, as Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff reported today in Tablet Magazine, Hamas’s political leadership are not really the folks holding Shalit, and in fact don’t even know where he is—it is a very small circle of Hamas’s military wing that controls the operation.)

Anyway, Shalit’s parents, Noam and Aviva, pledged today to petition Israel’s High Court to force the Israeli government to withhold Palestinian Authority tax revenues—currently the most concrete point of contention between Israel and the P.A. over the reconciliation deal—until Shalit is released. Get used to many, many more spats like this one after the unity pact is implemented, beginning next week.

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