“I wonder what’s on TV right now.”(All photos from )

Glenn Beck is in the Holy Land! With David Barton, the conservative pseudo-historian with a white-supremacist past! He had plans to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu! But most importantly, he is keeping a running photo-diary of his trip. Let’s follow him, shall we?

“But why do they call it Jerusalem stone?”

“I want that.”

“I know the Wayfarers make it confusing, but, no, I am not related to the folk musician Bob Dylan.”

“Where’d Barton go? Where’d Barton go?? Oh, whew, there you are. Sorry, I couldn’t see you because of your camouflage yarmulke.”

“You’ll have to help me—does ‘Glenn’ have one or two ns?”

“Nothing like delicious, locally raised pork.”

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