Maureen Dowd.(Alex Wong/Getty Images for Meet the Press)

• Russia has expelled an Israeli military assistant for being a spy, which Israel denies. [AP/WP]

• Egypt arrested more than 100 protesters outside the Israeli Embassy in Cairo. [The Lede]

• Lars Von Trier: First a “Jew,” now a “Nazi,” always a jackass. [Roger Ebert’s Journal]

• Maureen Dowd on DSK. Much of this is good and funny, though comparing him to Wolfowitz is kind of despicable. Anyway. [NYT]

• Right-wing parties are on the rise throughout Europe. [Guardian]

• AIPAC sez: Don’t boo the prez. What if you want to say “Boo-urns”? [Ben Smith]

Every time people tell me they don’t like Israel I just want to tell them about how Israel saves cute kangaroos’ lives.