Silvio Berlusconi of Italy (L) says something no doubt file to Stephen Harper of Canada (R).(Chris Ratcliffe - Pool/Getty Images)

• The G-8 did not release a statement calling for negotiations predicated on the 1967 borders (with mutually agreed swaps yada yada) because perky Canada would not go along. [Reuters/Haaretz]

• Egyptian pro-democracy activists, impatient with the slow pace of reform, have been organizing and calling for a “Second Revolution,” and it begins today. [LAT]

• The U.S. Senate confirmed Dan Shapiro as America’s next ambassador to Israel. [All Headline News]

• In a new poll, 40 percent of Israelis said they thought the Obama administration was pro-Palestinian; only 12 percent thought it pro-Israel. [JPost]

• Columnist Charles Krauthammer is with the 40 percent. [WP]

• The State Department expressed cautious optimism that Egypt’s opening the Rafah Crossing into Gaza, tomorrow, would ease the humanitarian situation but would not allow for additional weapons to get in (they’re already mostly smuggled in I guess?). [DPA/Haaretz]