Joseph’s Tomb.(Tenakoe/Flickr)

• Following a U.N. report that the facility destroyed by Israel in 2007 was indeed an illict reactor and a U.S. effort to refer the matter to the Security Council, Syria about-faced and pledged to fully cooperate with international nuclear inspectors. [AP/WP]

• Here is more explanation of the inspectors’ new findings about Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program (and there will be more on said program at 10 am). [NYT]

• An Israeli pilgrimage to Joseph’s Tomb in the West Bank was marred by 200 unauthorized visitors, including 50 who refused to leave—to the IDF’s severe consternation. [JTA]

• Israeli forces are preparing for nonviolents protests on its borders similar to those on Nakba Day next weekend, which is when various social media sites are calling for them. [AP/WP]

• President Abbas traveled to Cairo to meet the new military leaders and discuss Mideast peace. He also met with members of the radical terrorist group Islamist Jihad. [WP]

• Her father was a Lutheran pastor in Lancaster, Pennsylvania! Now, she’s a rabbi in Park Slope! Just another day in the [NYT]!