• U.S. officials, hoping to restart peace negotiations based on President Obama’s May 19 speech, have met separately with Netanyahu’s special envoy and Abbas’ spokesman. [Haaretz]

• Isreal disputed Syria’s account of border clashes this weekend, arguing it was an attempt to divert attention from antigovernment uprisings in Syria [NYT]

• Speaking of which, the Syrian government’s claims of heavy attacks from “armed gangs” were disputed by the opposition, but signal a potentially violent escalation in the popular uprising [NYT]

• Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) drafted a resolution that calls for the U.S. to stop American funding of the U.N.’s General Assembly if the GA grants Palestinian statehood in September. So far, the bill has no co-sponsors. [Jerusalem Post]

• Democrats are distancing themselves from Anthony Weiner after he admitted yesterday to innappropriate communications with several woman online. [NYT]

• Israel’s Sephardic chief rabbi visited Granada, the first such visit since Jews were expelled five centuries ago. It went well. [NYT]

• Coldplay removed the link to the song “Freedom for Palestine” from the band’s Facebook page, without explanation. [Ynet]