Rabbi Richard Jacobs(Ben Fink Shapiro via Union for Reform Judaism)

• Rabbi Richard Jacobs was elected as President of the Union for Reform Judaism. [JTA]

• A Bronx woman is being denied the right to be buried in a pet cemetery with her fluffy friends. And of course she is. [NYPost]

• Lebanon has announced the formation of a new government dominated by Hezbollah affiliates. [Reuters]

• A Scottish town’s stupid boycott of Israeli books is being met by a Kiddush clubs’ stupid boycott of the scotch distilled in the area. Stupid. [Forward]

• Yiddish words for a new era [McSweeny’s]

• The accidental discovery in Jerusalem of Israel’s longest underground stream is impressive until you compare it to streams in almost any other country. [JPost]

But it still gives us an excuse to listen to this.