Shakira and Shimon.(Gali Tibbon/AFP/Getty Images)

• Shakira, the Colombian-Lebanese pop star, danced with President Shimon Peres yesterday, and seemed to establish a precedent wherein you can be a celebrity peacenik but not boycott Israel. [NYT]

• Turkey’s foreign minister is talking to Hamas’s Khaled Meshal in hopes of restarting the stagnant Palestinian reconciliation process. [AP/WP]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu sent Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan a letter congratulating him on re-election and urging warmer relations between their countries. [Ynet]

• Tens of thousands of Syrians rallied in support of the regime, which has now brutally suppressed a popular uprising for three months. [NYT]

• John Galliano’s one-day trial in Paris is today. He is expected to argue that his anti-Semitic slurs were not a convictable hate crime because they were due to substance abuse. [NYT]

• Lithuania will pay $53 million to its country’s Jewish community to compensate Nazi confiscations. [NYT]