Sen. Ben Cardin, (Jewish) Democrat from Maryland, one of the bill’s sponsors.(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

• The U.S. Senate passed a largely symbolic resolution (with 87 co-sponsors) tying the Palestinian Authority’s financial assistance to its pursuing statehood at the United Nations. [Haaretz]

• Great interview with Matthew Hess, the intactivist and Foreskin Man writer. He denies the strip is anti-Semitic. [Heeb]

• New software is thought to be able to reveal what parts of the Torah were written by “priestly” and “non-priestly” authors. It has not yet figured out whether HaShem wrote it, though. [AP/WP]

• Britain was embarrassed today when it came to light that an Israeli Arab activist banned from the country had been let in (he will now be deported). Israel accuses him of covertly fundraising for Hamas. [AP/WP]

• The American Values Network has launched an ad campaign challenging conservative leaders to adopt either Jesus or Ayn Rand—but not both. One Jew per person! [CNN]

• Joseph Hochstein, who helped found and then published and edited Washington Jewish Week for 20 years, died at 77. [JTA]

Oxford Style Guide drops the oxford comma. This is bad, stupid, and wrong.