• As Sudanese refugees in Israel celebrated Sunday’s creation of South Sudan, some are concerned they will be forced to return immediately. [LAT]

• A drive to create a “Southern California” State notably excludes Los Angeles, possibly out of disappointment that it is not New York. [NYT]

• Remember when a Hasidic reggae singer sang the theme for the Olympics? Wouldn’t have happened without friend of the Scroll, Jewish nonprofit music label JDub, which will be closing. [JTA]

• Tablet contributor Joseph Braud co-wrote an op-ed praising Morocco’s democratic reforms and history with the Jewish people. [NYT]

• Although investigations continue, it seems that Monday evenings fire at Synagogue Kehilath Jeshurun will be declared an accident. [NYT]

• A Syrian gas pipeline near the Iraqi border was bombed. [JPost]

• A missing Brooklyn boy from the Hasidic community was found brutally murdered. A suspect is in custody. [City Room]