19th-centuiry German woodcut depicting God.(Wikipedia)

A Democratic polling outfit released the results of a mostly political U.S. poll earlier this month, and there is some bad news for a certain someone. Or, rather, a certain Someone. “If God exists, do you approve or disapprove of its performance?” the poll asked. Approve: 52 percent. Disapprove: nine percent. Not sure: 40 percent. The sample group (margin of error: +/- 3.2 percent) also gave 50 percent approval for its (God’s) handling of natural disasters, 56 percent for its handling of animals, and a higher 71 percent approval rating for its creation of the universe.

But these questions are secondary. What really matters is: Where does the Jewish vote, a traditional bellwether and strong supporter of it, stand? And where will it stand in November 2012? Certainly God will be in big trouble if only 52 percent of Jews end up backing it. “Its policies on Israel, America’s Jewish community, and not permitting Moses to enter the Promised Land have endangered God’s standing with the all-important Jewish constituency,” said one group. “Off-year approval ratings are no measure for what will happen on Election Day,” said the other group. “Once American Jews are aware of the concrete alternative to it, they will respond with their usual robust support.”

Prayers for comment went unanswered.

Only 52% of Americans Approve of God’s Job Performance [Atlantic Wire]