• The top Turkish general resigned along with several other high-ranking military officials in what is being seen as a sign of rising tensions between the country’s secular military and Prime Minister Erdogan’s popular Islamist political party. [WSJ/CSM]

• Iran is having trouble producing higher-enrichment uranium. [AP/WP]

• A leader of Hamas in Gaza called the U.N. statehood bid “nonsense,” because, “We are not going to recognize Israel. That is very simple. And we are not going to accept Israel as the owner of one square centimeter because it is a fabricated state.” [Haaretz]

• Radical Islamist Salafists played an unexpectedly prominent role in protests in Egypt today. [WP]

• A look inside biker culture. Jewish biker culture. [WP Magazine]

• People don’t want this adorable kitten just because she happens to bear a resemblance to Hitler. [Telegraph via The Awl]

Ain’t no cure.