Today in Tablet Magazine, music journalist Seth Rogovoy celebrates his first cousin once removed, the late Jerry Ragovoy, who wrote some of the best-known soul ballads—“A Piece of My Heart,” and “Time is on My Side,” for example—often wrongly credited to others. Rogovoy calls Ragovoy (Ellis Island mix-up) a genuine soul man whose signature style included gospel-influenced vocals and “an emphasis on groove over melody.”

Chef-turned-rabbinical student Benjamin Resnick mediates on the the restrictions of Shabbat, which conflict with his view of cooking as a way of rejoicing.

Jordan Michael Smith argues that Canada might be the world’s most pro-Israel country, citing in particular Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s public support of Israel:

“As prime minister, Harper has transformed Canadian foreign policy toward Israel and the Middle East. Abandoning Canada’s longstanding posture of even-handedness in the Arab-Israeli conflict, the country has become arguably the most pro-Israel country in the world. From being the first world leader to cut off funds to the Palestinian Authority in 2006 when it was taken over by Hamas, to speaking out against growing global anti-Semitism, Harper has embraced Israel as has no Canadian leader before him”

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