A restaurant window following a night of rioting in London.(Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

• In London, Jewish-owned stores have been ransacked in the riots of the past three days. No damage has been reported to synagogues. [JTA]

• The Obama administration expressed concern over an Israeli planning commission’s approval of 930 new housing units in an East Jerusalem neighborhood. [AP]

• An African-American ADL employee filed a lawsuit arguing that the organization refused to promote her because she isn’t Jewish. [JTA]

• Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch has published his third children’s book, Eddie Shapes Up, a largely autobiographical account of the young Koch’s battle with weight loss and body image issues. We can’t wait for the book where Eddie studies really hard but fails the Koch Test anyway. [City Room]

• A leader of the Yesha Council, the main settler organization, met with protestors in a gesture of solidarity, though the settler movement has largely avoided involvement with the protest. [JTA]

• Samuel Katz, 21, describes his transition from the Hasidic enclave of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to the secular Stony Brook University. [NPR]

• A primer, courtesy of Mother Jones, to help you understand what’s going on in Syria. [Mother Jones]

Here’s a map of the United States with each state represented by a single food. Florida is an orange. New York is a massive slice of pizza. Honestly, we prefer the bagel.

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