• Preliminary talks sponsored by the U.N. nuclear agency regarding the possibility of a nuclear-free Middle East are looking more likely, as several countries have supposedly agreed to participate. Israeli reps emphasized the meeting would be considered purely informational, and it is unclear if Israel will attend.
[Washington Post]

• A seriously detailed examination of Jewish actresses and the changing standards for Hollywood’s leading ladies. Stick around for quotes from staff writer Liel Leibowitz’s 2009 article, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” [Jewish Journal]

• The race for Anthony Weiner’s former seat in Congress is much closer than anticipated, with polls showing Democrat David Weprin—the expected winner in a September 13 special vote—leading Republican Bob Turner by a margin of only 5 points. [Politico]

• A look at how Germany, ever haunted by its past, is faring in a climate of international economic uncertainty. [Vanity Fair]

• The 6,500-person Jewish community in Charleston, South Carolina—one of America’s oldest Jewish communities and the birthplace of the (American) reform movement—is being revitalized, and plans for a Chabad center and a new Boeing factory have local Jews hoping their numbers will increase. [JPost]

• Young Israeli technology entrepreneurs are increasingly moving to New York City, and successful Israeli start-ups are redefining the country’s longstanding tech ties to the U.S. [BetaBeat]