Particularly for Jews, it may be difficult to imagine Gloria Steinem and much of the rest of her women’s-lib cohort without also imagining her and their Jewishness. However, a new HBO documentary on Steinem airing tonight does not mention Steinem’s heritage, and so today in Tablet Magazine, Eryn Loeb points to the ways in which liberal Judaism and feminism “complement more than complicate each other.”

On a broader note, today our Arts & Culture section is under new management, specifically that of literary editor David Samuels and senior editor Matthew Fishbane. Look forward this week to articles on Robert Stone’s recently reissued Damascus Gate, the practice of banning Wagner, and the moment that “chutzpah” is currently enjoying; in the future, get ready for new critics, including two former New Yorker staffers and one (at least!) Pulitzer Prize winner.

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