Sarah Palin last Friday in Iowa.(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

“Part of the explanation lies in misunderstanding and media-induced panic. … Palin’s status as an unabashed conservative and as exemplar of the Religious Right would have been sufficient to alienate the majority of American Jews. Yet if that were all, and that is plenty, Palin still would not provoke the degree of hostility with which most Jews regard her. Something else bothers them more. That something else is Palin herself.” -Jennifer Rubin, January 2010, on “Why Jews Hate Palin,” a 4,000-word article in Commentary.

“Sarah Palin has taken on a pathetic quality. … She added a few Palin-esque observations—one part conspiracy and one part nonsense. … Like Palin herself, a Palin-endorsement would be a media sideshow, but ultimately lacking in significance.” -Jennifer Rubin, today.

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