Prime Minister Netanyahu on Sunday.(Uriel Sinai - Pool/Getty images)

• In talking to a retired colonel and professional in such matters, Prime Minister Netanyahu for the first time formally planned for the possible borders of a future Palestinian state. [Haaretz]

• In planning for protests next month, the IDF has established an inner “red line” for every West Bank settlement inside of which soldiers may shoot at protesters’ legs; in some cases, the army has armed settlers with stun grenades and tear gas. [Haaretz]

• Prominent Likud politician Danny Danon is in the nascent state of South Sudan, where the president told him the country would uphold ties with Israel and maybe even station its embassy in Jerusalem. [JPost]

• Prime Minister Erdogan announced that Turkey would return or compensate for religious properties—chiefly those of Christians and Jews—that the state had expropriated over the past several decades. [NYT]

• The Libyan civil war has meant a small boon for Gaza weapons supplies. [JPost]

• A second man claims to have aided Flagman—the guy who to much applause yanked the Israeli flag off the embassy in Cairo—but Flagman denies it. There is a grassy knoll joke to be made here somewhere. [NYT]