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Agriprocessors, the Iowa-based kosher slaughterhouse that was infiltrated by Peta in 2004, raided by federal agents last May, and which filed for bankruptcy in November, seems, at long last, to have gotten what appears to be a break. The A.P. is reporting that Hershey Friedman, the president of a Montreal-based plastics company, and two partners have filed court documents in an effort to buy the beleaguered meat packer. We’ll leave it to the business reporters to determine whether or not this latest development will be good for Agriprocessors. Kevin Huntsman, a Kansas City-based plastics specialist quoted by the A.P., thinks the deal makes sense for Friedman, as his Montreal-based company is a leading manufacturer of meat and poultry packaging. And here’s a second reason the deal seems to be bashert: There’s a Hershey Friedman listed on the CUNY-Brooklyn College website as a professor of marketing and business. Now, it does not appear that this Hershey Friedman is the same as the one trying to buy Agriprocessors, but if you go to his web page, there’s an animated chicken dancing on top.

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