The Green Line, where it cuts through Jerusalem.(NYT)
    • An unusually sensitive and scrupulous exploration of the Green Line. [NYT]

    • Turkey pledged to up its naval presence in response to new tensions with Israel. [NYT]

    • Meanwhile, Secretary of State Clinton’s team is hard at work trying to defuse Israeli-Turkish tensions. [Ynet]

    • Why allowing more Egyptian troops into Sinai is good for Israel but also, potentially, bad for it. [LAT/JI Daily]

    • A senior Palestinian official accused the United States of showing “disdain” for Arabs in refusing to support the statehood initiative. Here I thought it was because we weren’t doing enough to halt the mass murder of Syrian civilians. [Ynet]

    • A member of the Gaza-based Palestinian Resistance Committees, which Israel says helped plot the deadly attacks in the south last month, was killed by helicopter attack. [NYT]