A protester outside the Egyptian Embassy in Tel Aviv Saturday.(David Buimovitch/AFP/Getty Images)

• Word is that President Abbas does not plan to take Palestinian statehood to the U.N. Security Council and force a U.S. veto. [Haaretz/Arabs Today]

• If he did and the United States vetoed, it would risk the U.S.’s relations with Saudi Arabia, according to this extremely interesting and bizarre op-ed, on which more later. [NYT]

• The statehood bid may be slowed sharply by two new reports that the West Bank’s once-robust economic growth has dramatically slowed. [NYT]

• Following the storming of Israel’s embassy in Cairo (on which, also, more later), Egypt vowed and already began to crack down on anti-Israel dissent. [WP]

• Turkey’s bellicose vow to fortify its naval presence in the Mediterranean is prompting Israel to do the same, in part to secure its vast, potentially extremely lucrative offshore energy deposits, which are already disputed by Lebanon. [Haaretz]

• Yesterday, we remembered. [NYT]