Prime Minister Netanyahu yesterday.(Gali Tibbon - Pool/Getty Images)

• Prime Minister Netanyahu said he would support a unique upgrade for the Palestinians at the United Nations so long as it left them well short of actual statehood. [Haaretz]

• A new poll shows increasing Jewish dissatisfaction with President Obama (although some of the numbers, such as the five-point drop in approval rating, closely track national ones). [Politico]

• Turkey, not Israel’s best friend at the moment, signed a deal allowing the United States to place sophisticated radar equipment there as part of a missile defense system, which one official called the biggest cooperation between the two countries in two decades. [NYT]

• A small protest at the Israeli embassy in Amman, Jordan, sent the signal that last week’s catastrophe at the Cairo embassy was not necessarily aberrant. [NYT]

• After Egypt’s prime minister suggested the Israeli peace treaty should be revised, Israel summoned Egypt’s ambassador. [Haaretz]

• Like all successful New York productions, Ed Koch now wants to take his act on the road. [NYT]