• After discussions lasting into the wee hours, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s cabinet was unable to agree on a single position regarding the Middle East Quartet’s peace process proposal. [Haaretz]

• Egypt scheduled its first post-Mubarak parliamentary elections for November 28. [AP/WP]

• A new poll finds rising approval (to 54 percent) for President Obama’s Israel policies among Israelis. Also significant: Labor received a huge boost, which seemed to cut significantly from Kadima. [JPost]

• Thomas Friedman accuses leaders on both sides of behaving as though it’s still the pre-Arab Spring Middle East. [NYT]

• Does the scuffle between his crew and a guard at the United Nations explain Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey? [Forecast Highs]

• Many Christian Syrians are backing President Assad out of fear that the alternative would be worse for them. [NYT]