• At last night’s Republican debate, a question from a Twitter user asked whether each potential Presidential candidate would engage in the kind of negotiation that freed Gilad Shalit. [Haaretz]

• Also at the debate, when asked about cutting aid to Israel, Ron Paul said he would cut all foreign aid. [Politico]

• A new computer virus, bearing similarities to Stuxnet, is thought to be the work of the researchers behind Stuxnet. [NYT]

• Jeffrey Goldberg details some other events potentially more frightening than the recent alleged assassination plot against the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps has likely been behind. [Bloomberg]

• Hope mixes with the realities of post-exchange Israel. [NYT]

• Discussing Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith, Maureen Dowd points to the now-defunct practice of proxy-baptizing victims of the Holocaust. The op-ed is, of course, titled, “Anne Frank, a Mormon?” [NYT]