David Ben-Gurion on the beach.(Margarita Korol)

Last week would have been founding Israeli father David Ben-Gurion’s 125th birthday. And today—this very day!—marks the publication of Nextbook Press’ biography of the Jewish state’s first prime minister, Ben-Gurion: A Political Life, written by another former PM, Israeli President Shimon Peres, and David Landau.

If you want a taste, check out the excerpt today in Tablet Magazine, which describes the dramatic moment during which Ben-Gurion trained a “blessed canon” on a Jewish ship bearing arms for the sake of unity. Also, Landau discussed the book yesterday on the Vox Tablet podcast, and President Peres will appear on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight on Monday, November 14, at 9pm ET/6pm PT to discuss it.

And if you don’t believe us when we tell you the book is great, consider former President Bill Clinton’s blurb: “In revisiting the career of his mentor, Shimon Peres presents a uniquely human portrait of David Ben-Gurion—a master strategist with a long view of history and an abiding vision for Israel’s future. Peres brings his nation’s founding father to life with the energy, candor, and wisdom he’s become known for in his six decades of public service.”

Ben-Gurion: A Political Life [Nextbook Press]
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