Fake Meshal and fake Abbas. They do real bar mitzvahs and fake funerals!(Abbas Momani/AFP/Getty Images)

• The heads of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are set to meet on the topic of presidential and parliamentary elections. [JPost]

• Jarrod Bernstein, the White House’s Jewish liaison, debuted at a New York gathering of the hawkish Orthodox group Agudath Israel. Message: I care. [Capital New York]

• Bush looked into Putin’s soul. Wasserman Schultz looked into Obama’s kishkes. [JTA]

• You almost get the sense that Lanny Davis, defender of Dan Snyder, is just a gigantic hypocrite. [Washington City Paper]

• Nextbook Press author Hillel Halkin praises Nextbook Press book David Ben-Gurion. Such sport! [WSJ]

• An Israeli man sold over 400,000 counterfeit Viagra pills. I take it I’m supposed to make a joke now? [JPost]

Andrew Silow-Carroll wins headline of the day.