The Iranian (L) and Russian (R) ambassadors to the International Atomic Energy Agency are all smiles yesterday.(Samuel Kubani/AFP/Getty Images)

• China and Russia continue to resist further sanctions on Iran. [WSJ]

• In Iran, meanwhile, the Islamic Republic’s right to nuclear weapons is one of the few things that can by and large unite the country. [AP/WP]

• Israel allowed one of only a few imports of construction materials into Gaza for the rebuilding of several privately owned factories. [AP/NYT]

• Israel may feel it has more space to act alone against Iran during a U.S. presidential election year (like, say, the present one). [Reuters/Haaretz]

• The number one album in America—and the first independently produced debut album to go to number one since 1995—is by a Jewish 19-year-old rapper from Pittsburgh named Mac Miller. [NYT ArtsBeat]

• The Shoah Foundation is beginning to study genocides besides the Holocaust, starting with Rwanda and Cambodia. [NYT]