• Introducing … electronic warfare. Specifically Israel’s against Iran. [The Daily Beast]

• A dispute over works by artist George Grosz is revealing the role a German Jewish dealer played in reselling “degenerate” art confiscated by the Nazis in the United States. [ArtNews]

• A compelling editorial on what the debate over an Avodah alumni Israel trip reveals about the Jewish community. [New Voices]

• “I happen to teach a course at Columbia called The Law of Genocide and was born in a DP camp, so I think my insights into Hitler’s work have a great deal of validity.” [NYT]

• A French novelist has fictionalized Dominique Strauss-Kahn and then gone all Jew-hatey on him. [French Politics]

• The great matzah prankster strikes on the Lower East Side! [Bowery Boogie]

Israel: where extinct frogs return! People forget that when this first came out, it was the most ingenious commercial ever.