Will Israel launch a military strike against Iran’s nuclear weapons program? Today in Tablet Magazine, Haaretz’ Anshel Pfeffer says yes: the Iran-Israel war has in many ways already begun; Israel’s leaders, chiefly Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Barak, have personal investments in it happening; and the Air Force has been readying for it for more than a decade. Only President Obama can stop it, either by throwing real weight around with Israel or by ordering an attack himself.

Meanwhile, if and when it comes to pass, what is the how? Also today in Tablet Magazine, expert Austin Long hypothesizes that Israel would take a route over northern Syria and Iraq, refueling midair, and strike all of Iran’s known facilities with bunker-buster bombs; and that it is plausible, if very far from certain, that the action would be a major success. As a bonus, Long explains what made the Imperial Death Star structurally unsound.

Will They?
Can They?