• A U.N. Human Rights Council-commissioned report found that Syria’s army has killed 3500 and committed grisly crimes against humanity. [WP]

• There are reports of a big blast near Isfahan, Iran, where the Islamic Republic’s uranium enrichment plant is. Asked for comment, Israeli officials put their hands behind their backs, looked upwards, and whistled. [Ynet]

• President Shimon Peres traveled to Amman for some diplomacy during tense times—a sign of Jordan’s continuing centrality to the region. [WP]

• Stay classy! Israel has apologized for the apparently grotesque treatment of a pregnant American freelance photographer on assignment for the New York Times. Against her request, they made her go through an X-Ray machine—three times—and then subjected her to a strip search. [WP]

• Rep. Barney Frank, a Democratic congressman from Massachusetts for more than three decades and one of the Jewiest during that span, announced he will not seek re-election. Tired? More time with family? Actually, re-districting. [WP]

• Gershom Gorenberg explains how the inequality of the occupation cannot help but bleed into Israel proper, where it results in discrimination and attacks against Arab Israelis. [NYT]

Anne Hathaway is engaged to an actor and “jewelry designer” named Adam Shulman. One only assumes. Anyway, this is my second-favorite scene with her: