Contributing editor Jeff Goldberg breaks the news. This comes after the ADL and Federation came down strongly against the campaign and its message that Israelis who choose to live in America and take on non-Israeli (if even Jewish) partners are betraying their country and themselves.

Tablet Magazine editor-in-chief Alana Newhouse wrote the following words last year on the occasion of the Rotem Bill, another f-you to the diaspora that had to be aborted due in part to American Jews’ righteous outcry:

The redemptive history of the Jewish people since the Holocaust has rested on the twin pillars of a strong Israel and a strong diaspora, which have spoken to each other politically and culturally, and whose successes have mutually reinforced the confidence and capacities of the other. Neither the Jewish diaspora nor Israel can afford a split between the two communities — a dystopian possibility that, if this bill passes, could materialize frightfully soon.


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