A woman in Cairo participates in run-off voting today. (Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images)

• In the first round of Egyptian voting, almost two-thirds of ballots went to some sort of religious party, and one-fourth went to one even more Islamist than the Muslim Brotherhood. Let the internecine struggles begin! [WP]

• The mysterious blast outside Tehran three weeks ago in fact did major damage to Iran’s long-range missile program. Still not clear whether it was accidental or not. [NYT]

• Hamas is wisely looking to abandon ship when it comes to its Damascus headquarters, but Iran is threatening to cut the group’s funding it if does, which tells you the Islamic Republic’s allegiance still very much lies with the Assad regime. [Haaretz]

• Another Arab League deadline came and went yesterday without Syrian cooperation on monitors. [LAT]

• Israeli officials sparred with American ones over the latter’s criticism of the state of Israel’s democracy. More at 10. [AP/WP]

• Iran claims it shot down an advanced U.S. unmanned aerial drone. The United States denied it and said that if it were true the drone was likely one meant for neighboring Afghanistan. [Reuters/Haaretz]