Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama in May.(Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

• In calling for early Likud leadership elections, Prime Minister Netanyahu looks to be positioning himself to be in a secure place should President Obama win re-election and then decide to push hard for Israeli concessions. [Reuters]

• Meanwhile, Bibi continues to tantalize with hints of wanting to attack Iran. [Haaretz]

• For Gazans, Israeli aerial drones are a part of daily life. [WP]

• Six teenage girls are accused of cutting down olive trees and vandalizing IDF property in protest of a West Bank settlement’s uprooting. See here for more. [Ynet]

• Rutgers University—New Jersey’s state school—is under federal investigation for anti-Semitic harassment. [Huff Post]

• Secretary of State Clinton will meet with Syrian opposition figures in Geneva, Switzerland. [AP/WP]

In a WNYC interview with Alec Baldwin, Chris Rock tells of his love for Woody Allen and explains why he tests his new material in West Palm Beach. Namely: “I figure I’m in front of these people, they’re a little older, if I can get them to laugh at this, when I get in front of the black people, they’re gonna go berserk!”