This morning, a house in Gaza City destroyed by earlier Israeli airstrikes.(Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)

• After Israeli airstrikes against Hamas military targets killed a civilian, rockets flew out of Gaza and into Israel, causing no casualties. [AP/WP]

• Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood—which continues to protest the military’s alleged over-involvement in constitutional questions—said that the Israeli peace treaty, while “important,” needs to be “reviewed” by the (certainly majority-Islamist) parliament. [DPA/Haaretz]

• In what one imagines was in part in response to the remarks that came from the Republican Jewish Coalition forum Wednesday, President Obama insisted that Iran would not develop nuclear weapons during his administration. [Haaretz]

• “We’re only a few years away, at most, from a total South-Africanization,” writes contributing editor Jeff Goldberg. [Goldblog]

• The Forward concludes, from the results of its annual Jewish nonprofit salary survey, that rich men are the 1% of that world. [Forward]

• The White House celebrated Hanukkah last night with a nice reception and due acknowledgement that they were more than a week early. [JPost]