(The Maccabeats)

• I try to pay as little attention to the Maccabeats as possible, but they’ve gone all political on me. [Ben Smith]

• Israel cracks down on illegal immigration. [NYT]

• Several politicians whose blocs together secured the majority of the Egyptian vote in recent elections want to promote “sin-free tourism.” Good luck with that, guys. [AP/The Republic]

• This cycle could see the election of several new Jewish Republican congresspersons. [Roll Call]

• The last Jews of … Gibraltar! [JTA]

• Lea Michele explains why she doesn’t go by her given name, Lea Sarfati. A million Ashkenazic girls would kill for that name! [6 Degrees No Bacon]

Gov. Rick Perry’s despicable anti-gay ad (below) has background music inspired by the well known (Jewish) homosexual Aaron Copland. (I also love that his objection is to gays serving “openly” in the military. If they want to risk their lives for their country while in the closet, then no big deal!)