• The president of Israel’s Supreme Court publicly worried about the spate of right-wing legislation. [Haaretz/Forward]

• “The 25 Best Jewish References in Rap.” Internet perfection. [Complex]

• Incredible photo. Click. [Journal of a Journalist]

• A side of Eric Cantor you haven’t seen, and will then wish you hadn’t. [VF]

• For the record, some of us don’t look very Jewish and have oddly Irish names and love it when the Chabadniks accost us and ask if we’re of the tribe. [The Awl]

• Dr. Brown’s cocktails. Dr. Brown’s cocktails! [Jewcy]

• Rabbi Andy Bachman ponders whether he is right to teach his children to love Israel. [Water Over Rocks]

Merry Christmas to the Christians; happy solstice to the pagans.