Kramer Morgenthau and Tracy Fleischman. (Jonathan Alcorn/NYT)

After each weekend, we choose the most interestingly Jewish announcement from that Sunday’s New York Times Weddings/Celebrations section. Due to the holiday, it was slim pickings, but fortunately we were bequeathed the nuptials of Tracy Fleischman and Kramer Morgenthau—and yes, New Yorkers, that’s that Morgenthau. The groom’s grandfather was Henry Morgenthau, Jr., the FDR Treasury Secretary; an uncle is Robert Morgenthau, the longtime Manhattan district attorney (ahem); “their kiddush cup had been used in the weddings of two generations of Morgenthaus and was a gift from Herbert H. Lehman, a governor of New York and a United States senator.”

The bride’s family, meanwhile, hails from Los Angeles, where the two of them met while working in the industry (she’s a marketer, he’s a cinematographer). Now they seem to live, together, wherever their jobs take them. Mazel tov to the happy couple!

Tracy Fleischman and Kramer Morgenthau [NYT]