A hazardous place of employment.(IIPA via Getty Images)

• Another Iranian nuclear scientist was killed in a bomb blast in Tehran. Those guys really should be more careful. [NYT]

• The Netanyahu government is incentivizing living in a bloc of West Bank settlements, in putative violation of a promise it made to the United States. [Haaretz]

• The U.N. Security Council: still doing nothing meaningful about Syria. [FP Turtle Bay]

• How President Assad embodies and articulates all the post-Arab Spring fault-lines. [LAT]

• Manhattan borough president (and likely 2013 mayoral candidate) Scott Stringer denounced the recent incidences of anti-Semitic vandalism in New York City. [NYT City Room]

• The Times does what it does best: chats with new White House chief-of-staff Jacob Lew’s neighbors in Riverdale. [NYT]