Defense Minister Barak yesterday.(Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images)

• David Ignatius reports/sends the message that U.S. officials worry Israel will attack Iran in the next six months, before the nuclear program develops enough enriched uranium to enter a “zone of immunity,” where it could develop a weapon whenever. [WP]

• The U.N. Security Council is getting closer to a resolution that would outline a plan for Syrian regime change, but any authorization of force, either now or in the future, seems unlikely. [FP Turtle Bay]

• Jackson Diehl outlines the vast repercussions the Syrian crisis is having across the region. [WP]

• Iran may have freed as many as five al-Qaida operatives from jails recently. [WSJ]

• Rabbi Menachem Youlus, the Maryland-based Torah-saving “Jewish Indiana Jones,” admitted in court that he is a fraud. [NYT]

• How wrong and stupid and offensive is this video of prominent pastor Eddie Long? A fellow Christian clergywoman helpfully counts the ways. [Huff Post]