Goldsher-Diamond and Diamond Sunday night.(Photos by the author)

Emily Goldsher, a daughter of Barry and Harriet Goldsher of Avon, Connecticut, was married Sunday night to Jason Diamond, a son of Jill Kaplan of Jacksonville, Florida. Rabbi Yitzchok Adler of Beth David Synagogue of West Hartford officiated at The Altman Building in New York City.

The bride, now Emily Goldsher-Diamond, is a digital strategist. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence. The groom is a founding editor of Vol. 1 Brooklyn, a literary Website, and the editor of Jewcy, a Jewish-interest Website owned by Tablet Magazine. He graduated from Northwestern.

The couple met at the CMJ Music Festival in New York City in 2009, and began to date not long after. For a time, they worked in the same office: Goldsher-Diamond at JDub Records, formerly a nonprofit Jewish music label, and Diamond at Jewcy, then owned by JDub. JDub (and Jewcy) shared an office with Tablet beginning in December 2009.

In a milieu in which it can frequently seem that the first thing people want you to know is how smart and accomplished they are, Goldsher-Diamond instead flashes only a very slight, sly smile and sauna-dry wit, which barely hint at the fact that she is very likely smarter and destined for greater accomplishment than the rest of us. Diamond, who if anything is liable to give his own formidable smarts and accomplishments undue short shrift, is one of the biggest sweethearts in the world. To this friend of the couple’s, anyway, theirs is an easygoing, fun partnership. And his and her attitudes toward their Jewish tradition is similarly, in the modern sense of an old-fashioned word, pious.

In a speech at the ceremony, a former roommate recalled the first time Diamond told him about Goldsher-Diamond, at the time merely a girl Diamond had met. “I think she’s my best friend,” Diamond had said.

So much mazel tov to the happy couple!!!