A Palestinian man throws a rock at Israeli soldiers in the West Bank this morning.(Jaafar Ashtiyeh/AFP/Getty Images)

• TWO JEWISH CONGRESSMEN FROM NEW YORK, Eliot Engel and Jerrold Nadler, along with Malcolm Hoenlein of the Conference of Presidents, were attacked by rock-throwing protesters in Jerusalem. There were also skirmishes around the Temple Mount, to which a right-wing politician was (falsely) rumored to be headed. [Jewish Press]

• SYRIA’S OPPOSITION is fractured along several different lines. [NYT]

• DIPLOMATS FROM THE SO-CALLED FRIENDS OF SYRIA, including Secretary of State Clinton, meet in Tunis today to discuss what should happen next. [LAT]

• A LIMITED WESTERN INTERVENTION should happen next, argues Anne-Marie Slaughter. [NYT]

• FOLLOWING UP ITS GILAD SHALIT SUCCESS, it turns out Egyptian intelligence brokered the end of Khader Adnan’s hunger strike. [Haaretz]

• RYAN BRAUN, the Jewish Milwaukee Brewers slugger and reigning National League Most Valuable Player, became the first baseball player ever to successfully appeal a positive result on a drug test. [NYT]