(Ravi Joshi/Tablet Magazine)

Winner gets a free Nextbook Press book appropriate to his or her comment (if he or she emails me at mtracy@tabletmag.com with his or her mailing address).

This week’s winner is “Debby,” who mourned, upon reading Stephanie Butnick’s report that a rival candidate had published a tasteless attack on Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, “UGH! Amen, Stephanie! I was traumatized by Debbie Does Dallas references all through elementary school, presumably by a population of people who had not seen the movie. Why the staying power of this stupid 1970s porno? I would prefer Debbie Downer any day.”

Debby gets a copy of Douglas Century’s Barney Ross as a substitute for the boxing lessons she should have taken in elementary school.

Don’t Do It Like That
Barney Ross [Nextbook Press]