• Although Israel has still not agreed to a freeze in settlement growth, there has been no new construction approved since Netanyahu took office. [JTA]
• An Israeli official told The Washington Times that P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu has not broached the topic of a possible attack on Iran with the Obama administration because he suspects the U.S. would not be on board. On Sunday, though, Vice President Joe Biden said that Israel is a “sovereign nation” and can do as it pleases. [WT]
• Former U.S. congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has been released from Israeli prison, where she had been held since June 30 after attempting to bring relief supplies to Palestinians. [Haaretz]
• Harvard Hillel accuses its accountant of stealing $780,000 via an elaborate fraud. [Harvard Crimson]
• A group of black and Jewish teens travels through the American South to learn about race relations via a program called Operation Understanding. [Digtriad]