Christopher Hitchens.(Wikipedia)

Sorry we didn’t write about this at all this week … But J Street’s annual conference is Sunday and Monday in Washington, D.C. Please check back Sunday for the first in a series of dispatches by contributing editor Adam Chandler. The news today is that senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett will also address the confab. “This level of representation by the administration is a strong re-affirmation of its support for the role that J Street plays in representing many Jewish Americans in the debates over Israel in the political and policy worlds,” says J Street head Jeremy Ben-Ami. “Combined with the welcoming video from President Shimon Peres and the presence of a senior representative of the Israeli Embassy at the conference, I think it’s clear that J Street has established itself as a permanent and important part of the mainstream American dialogue on Israel.”

For truly Dada Friday afternoon purposes, here is Christopher Hitchens reviewing Peter Beinart’s (hawkish) 2006 book, The Good Fight.