What's he really thinking?(Uriel Sinai/Getty images)

• Ari Shavit reports that while there’s no way to know if the belligerent statements from Israeli officials are intended as bluffs, being an Israeli journalist lends itself to the opposite interpretation. [Haaretz]

Times editor Jill Abramson goes long on the paper’s coverage of the Iran crisis and of Israel. Stick around until the end for comments about impending Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren. [Politico]

Benzion Netanyahu turned 102 yesterday. Please tell us which brand of bottled water you drink! [PM of Israel]

• A new portion of the security barrier near southern Jerusalem would make it more difficult for Palestinians to reach agricultural land. [Haaretz]

• Great photo gallery of Jews still living in the Arab world (and no, you jokers, I don’t mean Israelis). [FP]

• On his Facebook page, Etgar Keret announced that his father died last night. Here is a beautiful Tablet column he wrote chronicling his father’s illness. Our condolences go out to Etgar. [Tablet]

Six sandwiches Tim Tebow should have in his honor, several Jewish-themed. What you don’t want to do is steal somebody else’s sandwich … .