• A Fox News columnist accuses President Obama of sabotaging his former rival, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, by assigning her to “chastise Israel”: “If she continues as the heavy in this new relationship with Israel, Hillary Clinton can kiss goodbye to any future ambitions that rely on her raising money in the Jewish community—or that is, almost any ambitions at all.” [Fox]
The New York Times finds fault with Dennis Ross and David Makovsky’s new book Myths, Illusions, and Peace, which “attempts to debunk the notion that resolving the Palestinian question could pay dramatic dividends elsewhere.” The paper also has an excerpt. [NYT]
• Obama insists that neither he nor Vice President Joe Biden has given Israel the OK to attack Iran. [CNN]
• The hullabaloo over a woman who allegedly shouted anti-Semitic slurs at a Hasidic NYPD officer at a subway station may get her fired, or it may get the New York Post in trouble for its original story. [Gothamist]
• JTA pays tribute to Gary Tobin, a Jewish demographer who spoke up for Jews of color and converts. Tobin died Monday. [JTA]