Julian Schnabel.(Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

After Julian Schnabel, 60, left his second wife for Rula Jebreal, 38, Schnabel—the downtown scenester, artist, director, and jovial Jew—made his most controversial film yet, Miral, which dealt with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a manner that, in different ways, seemed to irk both sides.

Miral was written by Jebreal, as was the autobiographical novel on which it’s based. So here’s the question: now that Schanbel has left Jebreal for the Danish supermodel May Andersen, 29, which top will his next film tackle and thereby scandalize Scandinavia? In decreasing order, my money’s on the Nazi occupation (although really, wasn’t it basically their land anyway?); the Schleswig Wars (ditto!); and the Torstenson War (those perfidious Swedes!).

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