President Ahmadinejad earlier this month.(Atta Kenare/AFP/Getty Images)

• The Israeli-attack-on-Iran barometer has fallen, reports James Risen. Expect it to rise again late next month when the Baghdad talks don’t produce as much as we’d hoped. [NYT]

• Iran expressed openness to the latest U.S. position, which would be to continue to allow Iran to enrich uranium to five percent—higher than Israel would probably like, but lower than the crucial 20 percent benchmark. [LAT]

• Thomas Friedman reports from Beirut on how President Assad turned a non-sectarian uprising gradually into a more sectarian civil war. [NYT]

• The government approved plans for temporary housing (with part of the bill to be footed by Israeli taxpayers) for residents of Migron, allowing that illegal outpost to be evacuated by August 1, as per High Court order. [Haaretz]

• In the face of electoral losses to Hamas, some in Fatah are urging President Abbas to jettison (non-Fatah, unpopular, but also essential) Prime Minister Fayyad. [JPost]

• Benzion Netanyahu, father of the prime minister, eminent historian, and crucial player in early Revisionist Zionism, died at 102. More soon. [Ynet]