Barbra Streisand.(Wikipedia)

Rumor has it that when the Barclays Center opens in the fall, among the things it will host (in addition to a Jay-Z show and the Brooklyn Nets’ home games) will be a concert by Flatbush’s favorite daughter. With that in mind, here is a suggested, borough-appropriate setlist, provided by Tablet Magazine editor-in-chief Alana Newhouse; publisher Jesse Oxfeld; and executive editor Wayne Hoffman—all of whom, I can’t help but add, have (different) pictures of Babs hanging in their offices.

• “Hello, Deli.”

• “Marty, Can You Hear Me?

• “I Found a Million Dollar Baby (in Park Slope)”

• “(Misty Watercolored Mem’ries of) The Low-Rise Residential Neighborhood That Used to Be Here”

• “The Goy Next Door”

• “You Don’t Bring Me Artisanal Flowers”

• “Hipster Gays Are Here Again”

• “Don’t Rain on My Mermaid Parade”

• “Vintage-Store Rose”

Teases of a Streisand Return to Brooklyn [NYT ArtsBeat]